Dark Dealings is our first release and is currently in early access as such some of its features are still in very early development. You can pick up your copy now on Steam and help Tegridy in the development of their first game. With your support and feedback we hope to create a game that can be enjoyed for years to come.

This is some early game play footage from beta testing v0.5, we will be bringing you some new footage soon once we find some time between adding new features.

Dark Dealings is a unique 3D open-world experience that allows the player to experience life on the streets in a raw and gritty way, you will have to barter and trade all you’ve got if you would like to make it to to the top in this world! Expect rapid development and many new features in the future.

  • Explore a vast open 3D world populated with unique characters and items!
  • Learn the market then trade and experiment with illicit substances. Warning, your perceptions may be altered!
  • Hack into motor vehicles and go for a joy ride!
  • Craft new substances and increase your profits!
  • Enjoy the views on the open ocean or a bike ride through the park!
  • Purchase properties and businesses to expand your empire!
  • Watch as the world develops through your actions!
  • Take part in the first instalment of our main story!
  • VR & stock markets are just some of the updates planned for the near future!

Every game developed at Tegridy Ltd also comes complete with the Tegridy Promise