As winter sets in it was only right to give players access to nice cosy homes to bunker down in, there are now a number of properties spread throughout the world that you can purchase with your ill gotten gaines in our first housing update with a lot more to come in the future

At the moment each home comes complete with a number of storage options, a handy bathroom for all your hygiene needs, a useful crafting station that can be customised, upgraded and used to mix new substances.

Since no modern home would be complete without one this update also sees the addition of television sets to the world along with a number of classic cartoons for the players to enjoy on their down time between trades.

This update also has a number of bug fixes most notable being the players phone should now save and load contacts correctly and Sandy should no longer nag the player after reloading a save game. We also made a number of memory and load optimisations meaning the game now loads much faster compared to previous builds and now uses almost half the memory,.

Dark Dealings Halloween Update v0.48 29/10/2020

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