In this update we see the introduction of our property controller allowing players to buy, sell and customise a number of properties found throughout the world of Dark Dealings Now your world actions will have an effect on any properties that can be purchased. Expect a lot more features to this system after the release of our first “Banking Update” which will see a number of systems already in place in the world brought together as we get the world ready for the introduction of the Tax Man and our first story line.

  • Added 16 New player homes that can be bought and sold with more coming in our next update.
  • 3 New Achievements for the player to seek out.
  • Added Dev signs to areas of the world that are still under heavy development.
  • Players can now use all camera modes inside of properties that they have purchased.
  • Player homes now have some interior customisation options and cosmetics so you can make the place a little more like home this will be getting heavily expanded on in the future.
  • Property values are affected by your actions in the surrounding area currently this includes assaults, hit and runs, Police activity and of course any substances you may sell can have a positive or negative effect.
  • Property Customisations added to save data.
  • Fixed issue when punching cars the player would turn into a tank from L4D and send them flying.
  • Fixed issue with some npc’s not being able to get over some small steps.

In our next update you can expect to see even more homes, a replacement of the 3rd person map pointer along with a few extra surprises and bug fixes.

If you would like to have an influence on what comes next in the world of Dark Dealings join us on the forums!

Dark Dealings Update v0.52 12/11/2020

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