The original idea was for a small quirky trading game set in a small area which was almost complete minus some audio we needed to find funding for, since then the project has grown massively in scope and planned features, which we are happy to say are getting added at a rapid rate.

The vision for the final game is to provide a large expansive open world to explore, with multiple islands and quest lines to enjoy along with a wide variety of options for increasing your wealth and standing We hope with some help and support from the community this will end up something truly unique and special.

We went with early access simply because we need the funding to provide some of the features we’d most like to see come to the world and we didn’t want to go with Kickstarter or use similar methods of funding for this title as we would much prefer our customers to get something while also helping us with feedback to aid future development so if you’d like to support us on this quest please buy a copy of our game, it will polish up good!

Some of the expansion we have planned may seem minor, like adding the odd stock broker death to the grave yard after a severe crash, or some logs for your bank account that the tax man will no doubt be looking over in a later update but we hope these will all in the end mesh into an awesome system and create a really unique experience for the players, and remember to be careful what you do around your home, it all has an effect!

We also have a lot of major expansions planned out for future including currency markets that will affect the pricing on each island, multiple options for wasting your hard-earned gains away including a casino or two. Eventually, once we move over to the new character system, plenty of clothing options and extra character customisation features will become available. We hope to see a multiplayer option one day as well and as soon as we get access to the necessary hardware we will be starting work in this area.

The end goal for Dark Dealings has player customisation at its core and although our workshop needs to be expanded to enable this, we have been making preparation’s so the player will be able to add and customise a large proportion of the world, including features like swapping out the UI, replacing or adding audio and customer artwork for the billboards around the world.

Eventually, we would also like to have the ability for Modder’s to create personalised maps to incorporate into the world. Currently, a lot of features can be tweaked and edited easily with a text editor, from the items you sell, the colour of the night sky or how fast your legs move, a lot of these options will be moving into a user-friendly menu in the near future.

Some of the next features to expect will be expansions with the new computers that have been released, hopefully, along with the start of some Steam Leaderboards to add a little competitive edge to the gameplay.

We will also be starting on some of the property expansions allowing you to rent out properties, and later we will be expanding into running shady businesses from them along with a few other surprises.

While all this is going on we will also be making many little tweaks to the world, many structures will be getting replaced and eventually, the whole GUI and character system will be receiving a rework when we move onto our character update nearer our move out of early access.

Our first funding target is around £20,000. This is primarily so we can expand the studio and finally get in some more voice talent to start work on the quest dialogue. Also, we’d likely cover some much-needed hardware upgrades as we are currently developing on an FX-8350(which is holding up great, but means we can’t do much with lighting and are restricted a little). This should hopefully provide enough funding and time to get the first island near completion, so we can move onto the final stage of the harbour master roles, which will be sending your vessels to far off lands.

We would love to see the game in VR one day, along with some very large capacity multiplayer servers. We are currently lacking the hardware to make this a reality but much of the coding has already been done for when we are in a position to implement it, when we do finally go into multiplayer mode, rest assured you will be able to host personalised player servers at no extra cost other than your own electricity.

We are working on delivering the game on Xbox and PS platforms and hopefully, with your support and feedback, this will be one of many plans to come to fruition soon.

If you would like to keep hearing more from Tegridy and watch us grow, please buy our games! We will be adding content for years to come, and we will never ask you extra for it when you decide to enjoy it!